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A chance encounter with a scrap of fabric can form the basis of an entire fashion collection. We’ve seen it happen, and it’s magical. But finding inspiration can be a tricky process. Here at EVA re-source, we want to give you a helping hand. 

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Supercharge your inspiration with our tips and find the perfect mood and fabric you’ve been looking for.

Select your colour

Do you have a colour in mind?

Every colour embodies strong messages and associations. Just think of classic Valentino red or pink, Hermès orange, or Armani’s sophisticated “greige”. Over to you: choose a shade that speaks to you, and see a selection of the best deadstock clothes materials in that colour.

Choose the cadence of your drape

How do you want it to feel?

The drape of a cloth can produce specific emotions and sensations. Would you prefer a stiffer, thicker fabric or one that’s soft and slips through the fingers? Decide between fluid, structured, soft or stretch textiles and look at our selection.




Choose your pattern

Do you have a fabric pattern in mind?

Patterns are like coded messages: used on the same type of fabric, polka dots, animal print and stripes can completely change the look of the finished garment. In this section, you’ll find all the different patterns available on our online shop of deadstock fashion fabrics.
Start here to create something truly unique.

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